Chinese Medicine, At North of Georgia

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What our patients says

Helping you focus on your healing

Our role in your health is to support your body’s own self-healing abilities.


Body, mind and spirit are not separate and I treat my patients accordingly.


I’m always sincere about treatment possible success, and the amounts fo treatments to keep your expectations realistic.

Clear plan.

I take the complexities of Chinese medicine and make them accessible, by providing a clear plan just for you.


I also address your symptoms and I also address the root causes of disease and disharmony.


I will create a treatment plan based on your own needs and disharmonies.


I’ll partner you to provide the integrative care you need.

Meet me

Connecting with you through my warm, compassionate nature.

During your first appointment, I’m willing to find the root of your symptoms as well as taking the extra time to really dig deeper as we investigate what is going on with you.

under the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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